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UK Hosting

UK Hosting

The vast majority of companies contact hosting providers when they want to relocate corporate databases and business applications to dedicated and virtual servers that offer the highest level of data availability and security.

Octopus Telecom is a reliable UK hosting provider. Our data centre is located in the heart of London and considered as the most advanced data centre in the world. We use extensive security functions and backup monitoring to protect ourselves and your data against major Internet threats.

Our skilled specialists ensure technical monitoring of the complex server infrastructure operation around the clock. They are always available and ready to provide 24/7 qualified support.

We offer various hosting types depending on the individual demands of our clients, so you can buy a web hosting that will meet your specific needs.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a separate physical device provided entirely to one client for use. Linux and Windows dedicated servers enable you to fully utilize the server processor, RAM and hard drive capacity exclusively for your purposes.

Important software tools and an intuitive management interface make it easier for Octopus Telecom premium clients to monitor their server operation and administer web projects on their own. We provide a full guarantee for the entire period of dedicated server hosting along with such extra services as web hosting, email hosting, e-commerce hosting, etc.

Managed Server

Managed servers are a safe alternative to your own server room with technical staff on the company’s payroll. Managed servers ensure faultless and reliable operation being the first choice for those who run high-load applications, online stores and extensive databases.

With the Managed Server service our clients can focus on their business goals. Once it is ordered, skilled IT experts will take on responsibility for server maintenance, technical support and administration.

You don’t have to think about how to backup your data or install a complex software any more. Our specialists will enhance server capabilities and improve performance of a web project at your request.

Virtual Server

Virtual dedicated servers combine advantages offered by both hosting and dedicated servers. VDS or VPS server hosting with a set of required software will be the best choice for successful websites with high traffic and load.

Our hosting centre offers a perfect cloud service providing you with unlimited customization possibilities. With our control panel you can improve your virtual server performance or install most popular Linux and Windows distributions within just a few minutes.

Server Colocation

Physical server location in our data processing centre is an attractive solution for clients who are interested in highest security standards, uninterrupted power supply, Internet connection at speeds up to 10 Gbps and multi-language support.

We offer 19” racks and cabinets with an automatic transfer switch and a smart air conditioning system to keep the air temperature constant. Your server equipment will be installed and connected by our data centre engineers.

Domain Registration

A domain name is a show case of your website. It should be significant and describe your activity as clearly as possible. We will be glad to help you find a domain name and register a perfect address for your website.

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